Firstly, apologies for the egregious delay. A combination of health issues and a family bereavement have scrambled my brain, and so I’m a couple of posts behind. But, onto happier things – shinies!    I am now subscribing to both Paperhaul and its companion, Crafty Creatives. I had been a CC subscriber in the past, […]

Saturday was the day of the African Pygmy Hedgehog UK Rescue show in Aberdeen. It was the first ever hedgehog show to take place in Scotland, and was largely the brainchild of Zoe Rooney, of Granite City Hedgehogs (one of Scotland’s most reputable breeders of African pygmy hedgehogs), and her team of volunteers, raising money […]

This one is woefully overdue, but now that my frantic preparations for the APHUK Show are at an end, I can get caught up on some posts.  Himself and I went on a pseudo-date to this exciting, newly opened teppanyaki restaurant, Kobee. Since Oshibori turned out to be utterly clown shoes level of badly run, […]

  Thanks to some unspecified virus, I have been feeling like a fat sack of crap. So, my delight was great when the March Paperhaul dropped in yesterday! I only got out of bed to fetch it from the hall, and immediately got back in, so do please excuse the lack of good composition in […]

I have been away for an egregiously long time. Sorry about that. However, I have returned, and content will soon be forthcoming. 

Another Naked freebie for me to try, this was interesting, especially as afirst experience of GSM (Grenache Syrah Moudevre – the blend). The appearance is quite clear, deep ruby red with a distinct clear edge. The nose is alcohol, black fruit, slightly spicy and woody. Slightly perfumed, like quince. It has a pleasant herbiness, like […]

I was lucky enough to get picked for another Thirsty Thursday! I was pleased as Punch to receive 6 lovely new Naked wines for me to try and review. 3 by Thursday evening, so I can chat online with Eamon at NW, a bunch of my fellow Archangels, and the winemaker, Jen Pfeiffer, on Thursday […]