Naked Wines Tasting Tour

I’ve finally recovered from the NWTT event in Edinburgh on Friday. What a night!

I was scared initially because I didn’t know anyone, but everyone was so nice that I quickly felt welcome.

Standout wines of the evening were;

Benjamin Darnault’s Minervois 2011
Virgile Joly’s Sauvignon Blanc 2011
Labelle Sables Fauves 2011
O’Vineyards Trah Lah Lah 2010 (even better than the 2008 vintage!)
All 3 of Gorka Extebarria’s Burgo Viejo Riojas – Tinto 2010, Crianza 2009, and Reserva 2006
Carlos Rodriguez’s Morum Rioja Reserva 2007
Antonio Ventura’s Filigrana Alvarinho 2011 and his Montaria 2011
Mario Negreiros’ Negreiros Douro 2008
Peter Klein’s Muskateller and Pinot Gris (both 2011)
Matjaz Lemut’s Tilia Estate Pinot Gris 2011
Carmen Stevens’ Amani Pedana Shiraz 2008
Stephen De Wet’s Arabella Reserve In Unison 2010
Bruwer Raats’ Raats Family Chenin Blanc 2009, and the Family Cabernet Franc 2009

I managed to taste 58 wines out of 145, and was pretty smashed by the end of the night. I fear I may have jibbered a load of nonsense at several people. However, I also managed to order a case comprised of some of the above wines, which I look forward to greatly.

I’m off to Berlin tomorrow for a week-long holiday, I hope to review some wine while I’m there too. While Berlin is too cold to be a wine region, I’m sure there will be some interesting stuff available from further South.


One comment

  1. Loving your dedication to the cause; 58 out of the 145 on offer, a fair effort, I must say! 🙂

    I particularly found the Carlos Rodriguez’s Morum Rioja Reserva 2007 to be a great wine. Not the best of vintages in Rioja, but nevertheless, a great example of the region.
    I look forward to the next tasting!

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